NEW "monster Hunter double cloth" release is commemorative
Let's go to one (person) buying in Tokyu Hands!

Period: From Saturday, March 18 to Tuesday, April 11
Let's go to one (person) buying in "monster Hunter double cloth" release memory <br> Tokyu Hands!


In commemoration of release of soft "monster Hunter double cloth" for exclusive use of Nintendo 3DS (following, "MHXX"), we hold shop which we titled in Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro store 7F saying "we win one (person) in Tokyu Hands, and let's go!" for a limited time from Saturday, March 18! Let alone series latest goods, products of hands-limited & precedent sale are varied! Furthermore, we display setting document of "monster Hunter" including "MHXX" series!


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Add to diorama display of CAPCOM figure skating builder in Ikebukuro store; as for Otho moai roux and the Hunter equipment, the display of hero braid.

In addition, on Saturday, March 25, we move slightly on Sunday, April 2, and Otho moai roux of the Eve cat series equipment is going to come to the store! In everybody, 2017 of Hunter, let's go to one buying to Tokyu Hands!


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Pub. Date: March 11, 2017 12:00