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The third place Pelican soap family horse oil soap

Moist gentle washing feeling.

Pelican soap family horse oil soap

・Because constitution is similar to moisture ingredient which person originally has, skin familiarity is good, and "horse oil" penetrates, and it is well natural humidity retention oil of usability not to be sticky in stratum corneum.
・Family horse oil soap is thickly sticky sticky sparkle which kneaded horse oil of humidity retention nature oil into soap basis material of the super fat manufacturing method.
・Horse oil and tenacity ingredient of humidity retention ingredient keep moisture of the skin surface like veil, and chewy bubble becomes cushion and protects skin from friction in cleaning.
・By sticky nen ru bubble of natural humidity retention ingredient "horse oil" combination, we wash with moisture easily.
・It is soap made with the super fat manufacturing method to be moistened when we washed.
・Simple prescription to draw charm of horse oil.
・Flavor of traditional soap♪
・You beat with water or tepid water, and please wash skin. Please wash away well afterwards.

190 yen (body price) + tax

Capacity (about): 80 g Country of origin: Japan