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The third place Positive (PLUS) Twiggy 34-575 blue

It is usable quickly in whereabouts! Ultimate slim mobile scissors! We are sharp from the root to the point of a sword fast.

Positive (PLUS) Twiggy 34-575 blue

・With "length of a blade" that is indispensable to opening "operability" to be usable "the sharpness" that threads which it is hard to cut are cut quickly
 It is mobile scissors which had all!
・Bernoulli curve blade cutting from the root to the point of a sword fast is feature.
・We adopt practical length of a blade 42mm that it is easy to use for opening of bag.
・On the rocks and smart steering wheel which we can remove are easily convenient with one hand!
・Carrying is reliable with safety cap which is automatically locked when we have cap even if we forget to lock.
・Slim design which is most suitable for carrying. We are belonging to strap hall.
・We occupy pen case and makeup porch clearly.

(1) We exclude chief and move steering wheel to direction of ← and cancel rock.
(2) Close scissors; steering wheel → You move to no direction and lock, and please have cap.

650 yen + tax

Color Green Body size (about) [the body] Diameter 12* long 135mm [length of a blade] 42mm [board thickness 1.2mm Package size (about) Width 60* depths 170* high 12mm Weight (about) 14 g Material [the body, cap] ABS [blade] stainless steel Country of origin China