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The second place Zojirushi (ZOJIRUSHI) stainless steel mug TUFF SM-SC36 coral pink

One-touch opening of light weight, compact!

Zojirushi (ZOJIRUSHI) stainless steel mug TUFF SM-SC36 coral pink

・We keep temperature of drink with thermal insulation, stainless steel vacuum two folds mahobin structure having high cool power for a long time.
・Cover opens just to push button, and on the rocks operation does not open one-touch which we can easily operate with one hand which only changes slide, too. As we can easily operate with one hand, we can drink water quickly easily.
・When we open cover, it is spatter restraint mechanism that drop of water which adhered to cover is hard to splash.
 As only some covers open in state pushing button and stop and are structure to greatly open when we keep finger away from button, we prevent that drop of water which cover opens like a brick, and was accompanied inward is scattered and are usable without polluting the circumference including important documents of desk.
・Hydration that drink comes out smoothly as we establish air passage in taste of air vent structure to be able to drink smoothly, and is quick is possible.
・It is hard to condense dew even if we put cold drink and does not get the circumference wet even if we put in the bag as it is dew condensation restraint structure of relief by establishing the class of air insulation to cover moiety even if we can enter bag.
・We give internal fluorine coat which color, smell of tea incrustations and coffee are hard to remain and the body washes circle and can wash splash-splash) that is possibility (please do not leave unattended underwater) and is usable cleanly anytime. We understand for resolution semmoseno and can wash to every corner.
・It becomes easy to put ice with wide-mouthed container of diameter approximately 4cm.

2,980 yen (body price) + tax

Color: Coral pink Body size (about): Width 6.5* depths 7* high 17.5cm capacity (about): 360 ml Material: SUS304 (stainless steel steel materials), PP (polypropylene), silicon thermal insulation effect: (six hours /1 time) effect cool more than 67 degrees Celsius more than /86 ℃: (six hours) countries of origin less than 9 degrees Celsius: Thailand