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KOKUYO tension Nac's compact αSLN-MS305B blue

It is closed by approximately 20% (in ※ 5 leaves of that of the conventional company products) of light power! It became easy to use tension Nac's of palm size more.

KOKUYO tension Nac's compact αSLN-MS305B blue



・As we can close paper without using needle, we do not need needle supply.
・When we discard closed paper, it does not need classification either and is safe.
・We adopted arrow blade which was hard to come off when it was closed.
・As confirmation window is attached, we can close paper while being closed, and confirming position of hole.
・It is closed, and hole position confirmation window is openable. It is closed and can easily take out wastepaper and paper powder such as at the time of mistakes.
・Wide as for being closed in being closed, and being type one place corner, closing is freedom. Convenient mark is on to close corner.

[even if small full-scale]
・Compact body of palm size that was particular about usability.
・Though it was compact, we enabled 5 leaves.
・Approximately 20% of burdens at the time of use are reduced by feeling of slightly smooth operation / newly-designed blade. (in 5 leaves of that of the conventional company products)
・Shape that it is easy to hold that liver has comfortable way of holding naturally. "Thumb push is closed" which "grasp, and is closed"; in neither
 We can do it.
・When we carry, loss for convenient strap is included.

600 yen + tax

Color Blue Body size (about) 27* vertical side 87* high 53mm Is closed; the number of sheets Approximately five pieces of copying papers (PPC paper) Is closed; hole dimensions (about) 5*6.5mm Material [the body, liver] R-PC [is closed hole position confirmation window] PC [liver reinforcement] steel sheet [blade] stainless steel Instructions ・There is no retentivity that is equal to stapler using needle. ・When we close paper, there is hole. ・It is closed, and, depending on kind of paper, the number of sheets decreases and may not be closed.