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YA-MAN RF Bothe photopositive HRF10T

The latest model of YA-MAN popularity beauty face device

YA-MAN RF Bothe photopositive HRF10T


・RF Bothe photo plus is all-in-one beauty face device that tension and moisture lead to the bare skin which rose by five functions.

・We approach to deep part of skin and lead to skin having high tension density filled with elasticity pushing back.
・Aging care effect that we warm up and take care of cleansing, moisture, facial striated muscle, and cooling is up to professional standard
 Function of conventional model that we granted just adds redder LED photo and vibration function.
・We enhance elasticity of skin by putting red LED photo.
・We put function just like machine for duties on compact body.

37,000 yen (body price) + tax

Body size (about): Width 44* depths 57* high 190mm weight (about): 220 g Accessories: AC adapter, magnet-type cotton stopper country of origin: Japan