Buyer’s Recommendation

Ice max extra series

We are chilly at every roll-over

Ice max extra series

We use good dough of drainage to repeat absorbing and heat radiation.
It is radiated heat more by dough if we use electric fans together, and chilly feeling is felt repeatedly.

Recommended point of buyer

It is usable immediately just to spread on futon and the pillow and we inquire into circle at home and OK! We just use performance of thread, and performance does not change even if we wash. (interior charge buyer: Niimi)



4951813080900-1 .jpg

Pad S 9,800 yen + tax with floor



4951813080924-1 .jpg

Pillow pad 3,480 yen + tax


We are selling at Tokyu Hands interior corner

※There may not be the handling at some stores.

Pad size with floor: 150* (about) vertical 100cm in width weight: It is 720 g (about)
Pillow pad size: 50* (about) vertical 50cm in width weight: It is 100 g (about)

Pub. Date: May 16, 2017 10:00