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wisteria film in Stax SQUARE SQ10

"Check" series first square format appearance!

wisteria film in Stax SQUARE SQ10

"Hybrid instant camera" which let technique of digital camera fuse to conventional instant camera.
Body built-in memory can store approximately 50 pieces of images and supports microSD card.

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Recommended point of buyer

We photograph for digital camera sense and can print on the spot and we choose shot you like after photography and can print. There is image adjustment using filter of brightness and 11 kinds after photography, photography together while looking at LCD monitor. (variety charge buyer: Okamoto)


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We are selling at Tokyu Hands variety corner

※There may not be the handling at some stores.

Camera body 29,500 yen + tax

167x167x125mm 850 g of black

Square film 1,250 yen + tax

Pub. Date: May 19, 2017 10:00