Buyer’s Recommendation

Kyn toe capsule call ditch Lew empty feh

Movement before flowing into glass from refrigerator is one hand; smoothly!

Kyn toe capsule call ditch Lew empty feh

Cover opens naturally when we incline and can flow into from all 360-degree directions. Fines become hard to appear by small mesh filter.




Recommended point of buyer

We put powder and tea leaves of coffee in the attached filter and set inner cap, outer cap and can easily make coffee and tea of delicious water soup stock (call ditch Lew) just to pour water. (kitchenware charge buyer: Sato)

We are selling at Tokyu Hands kitchen corner

※There may not be the handling at some stores.

2,500 yen + tax

Body size: About diameter 85* high 270mm
Capacity: Approximately 1L

Pub. Date: June 9, 2017 10:00