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waffuru salad peeler

Too beautiful vegetables peeler

waffuru salad peeler

I-shaped peeler which slices vegetables to halftone plate design (waffuru) and wave pattern (wave).
We can cut daikon and carrot, cucumber into a small halftone plate form with Giza blade of original development. In the letter of wave, halftone plate design can cut when we slice commonly when we slice to create letter of X. As thickness is approximately 1mm, immaturity is reduced, and even person of vegetablesphobia can eat salad texture that it was said that vegetables cut halftone plate are crispy deliciously. In addition, dressing coils itself round cut halftone plate well, and use of dressing is suppressed. Product made in Japan of trust that cutting edge cost blade charge account using special shear steel carefully one by one.

Recommended point of buyer
The mysterious finish which thinks that vegetables cut into a halftone plate form are, "what happens"! It is crispy with texture of vegetables by slicing vegetables with peeler thinly! It is peeler which not only texture but also appearance of salad makes beautiful. (houseware charge buyer: Oyama)

waffuru salad peeler waffuru salad peeler

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1,480 yen + tax

Pub. Date: January 6, 2017 10:00