Buyer’s Recommendation

With one BRITA Phil & go-cart ridge

Mobile bottle that clean water is made

With one BRITA Phil & go-cart ridge

Delicious water can swallow up mobile clean water bottle everywhere in in removing materials such as chlorine spoiling taste. We filter 150 liters of water with one MicroDisc cartridge and can use again until four weeks.

Recommended point of buyer

It is the nice point that it is eco-friendly with mobile bottle, and cleaning is OK with dishwasher again.
(kitchenware charge buyer: Ushiyama)


We are selling at Tokyu Hands kitchenware corner ※We remove some stores

2,480 yen + tax

Diameter 7.4* 24cm in height Capacity: 600 ml

Pub. Date: March 10, 2017 10:00