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suikuru swab cleaner red

House is shiny easily smoothly

suikuru swab cleaner red

Compact cordless cleaner which can do vacuum cleaner cliff and floor wiping with commercial wiper sheet at the same time. We can clean with switch of step easily. Elastic to length that matched height as Paul part can do length adjustment.



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As it is lightweight, one hand is enough for carrying around, too! As for stairs cleaning easily. It is not disturbed even if we keep on starting as it is free-standing. (clean article charge buyer: Sonoda)


We are selling at Tokyu Hands clean article corner
※There may not be the handling at some stores.

14,880 yen + tax

The body: Width 25.5* depths 18* high 78.6-105cm

Pub. Date: March 17, 2017 10:00