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A Hario coffee maker coffee king

Coffee maker which can enjoy taste such as hand drip

A Hario coffee maker coffee king

"We steam" new generation and are equipped with function, and there is drip at most suitable temperature around 93 degrees Celsius by high temperature extraction system maintaining high temperature from steaming to extraction consistently. You can enjoy coffee to the number of people depending on the number of the cups to 2-5 cups.

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We can enjoy taste such as hand drip at home by sprinkling whole coffee powder nijuyawarakakuo hot water by extraction mouth of 21 holes. He/she makes meal of every morning higher-grade rich one. (cafe article charge buyer: Sato)



We are selling at Tokyu Hands cafe article corner
※There may not be the handling at some stores.

14,800 yen + tax

Size: Width 23* depths 24* high 32.7cm, weight: 3.2 kg, 2-5 cups of business

Pub. Date: March 13, 2017 10:00