We give to all of you suffered from in this 2016 by Kumamoto earthquake heartily.

I repeat early restoration and express my very best wishes all day long.

Tokyu Hands

Disaster prevention set that buyer selected [emergency set]

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Disaster prevention set that buyer selected [emergency set]

Three years are going to pass from the Great East Japan Earthquake soon.


At this opportunity, do you not review emergency supplies some other time?


But to person "not to know what we should prepare,"

We think about experience and needs of earthquake disaster,

Disaster prevention set that buyer of hands selected

[emergency set] It is nogo introduction.

True _ disaster prevention set -thumb-330xauto-104670.jpg

Using 3rd share as an indication,

It is unit set with goods which are necessary for emergency life.



<set contents>

①S Bitto pocket stove


Foldable cooker. It is most suitable as survival goods at the time of disaster.

(image is red, having an abundance is direction)


②SOL HS emajienshivivi


Sleeping bag using special material letting you reflect 90% of body heat.

Sealing characteristics are higher than blanket and are superior in heat retention.


③Stanley camping Cook set


When we cook, it is useful,

With stainless steel measuring cup (put on the photograph depths, open fire)

Set of polypropylene cup (two).


④For ten times of restroom sets for disaster


Restroom set to attach to toilet, and to use.

We harden filth quickly and shut in smell,

After processing, disposal is possible as combustible waste together with bag.


⑤Major earthquake-response manual & carrying whistle


With major earthquake-response manual

Set of whistle which one's place to stay can be known to in emergency.


⑥Aqua shampoo

⑦Sensitive (with for each 12 pieces)

IMG_1420.JPG IMG_1422.JPG

Bed-bath cloth for gloves-shaped hair use and body.

Polyester is that it is taken an inner step in gloves

We help prevention of infection without hand becoming dirty directly.


⑧Seychelles survival positive mobile clean water bottle


With portable clean water pot,

We can remove impurities more than up to 99.99%.


⑨Life gear AR technical center glow stroboscopic light


Stroboscopic light with lantern function.

We adopt red automatic blinking system at the time of water landing.


⑩Air lantern


Solar charge-type lantern to air, and to blow up, and to use.

Waterproofing, light weight, compact and triple time are prepared comforts.

(charge time: for eight hours)


⑪Mobile solar 5000


Smartphone twice full solar battery charger which we can charge.

(charge time: solar…Approximately 40 hours /USB…Approximately 13 hours)


Bag to put the above-mentioned disaster prevention goods in

⑫GERRY try bag pack

IMG_1400.JPG IMG_1427.JPG

It is not this, just bag.

It becomes float and bucket,

It is GERRY bag of disaster prevention corner of Tokyu Hands with logo.


(28,477 yen + tax) which 12 points set the above [emergency set],

It is now on sale in Tokyu Hands all the stores.



As this set is just basic set,

We check thing which is necessary for addition and purchase,

You should put in the bag together.



Now is all disaster prevention food article 10% OFF.

We are reliable when we put in the bag by addition.

※Until Friday, March 14, 2014

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At this opportunity, do you not think about disaster prevention some other time?



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